For Joe Fox music runs in his family. He is a second generation member of the St. Cloud Municipal Band, a group that's been around for about 126 years.

He started playing the flute and piccolo in grade school and all through high school.

Fox says he was inspired to join the group in the 1970's because of his father who had been in the ensemble since the 1920's.

"He was in the band until he passed away in 1990," says Fox.

The St. Cloud Municipal Band formed in the late 1800's and was the first in the country to play instruments while riding on bikes.

By the late 1920's there were more than 200 members that made up what is said to have been the largest boy ensemble in the world.

Fox says the band came into its own in the 1940's when the City of St. Cloud decided to support the band.

It wasn't until the 1970's that the group allowed women to join.

Through the years the group has developed long standing traditions like performing at Hester Park before the Fourth of July fireworks display.

Group members have performed around the world in places like China and Germany.

Today there are about 50 active band members from diverse backgrounds and careers. They spend about two days a week preparing for roughly 25 concerts a year.

See a video of the St. Cloud Municipal Band below.