SARTELL -- This week in our "Fitness Friday" series on WJON, we learn the secret to getting our six pack abs.

No matter how many crunches or sit-ups you do you will never see that six pack you have always wanted without some extra work.

Dayna Deters of Dayna Deters Fitness says if you want to get that six pack you need to work out your entire body as well as strengthen your core.

"You need to exercise your entire body because everyone's body is different and holds fat in different places," says Deters.

Nutrition is also a big factor when it comes to a six pack. Eating right and drinking lots of waters will help you lose the fat that might be hanging around your stomach.

"Keeping your meals small and consistent is key. Within the first hour of when you wake up you should be eating something even if you don't like to," says Deters.

Deters says you don't need to spend hours in the gym to get the results you want. Doing a high intensity workout for a hour is better then spending three hours at the gym.

"You want to add your strength training and your cardio together to keep your heart rate up to burn the fat more quickly," says Deters.

She also says to make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep. Your body needs sleep to recover from the workouts and prepare for the next day.


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