ALEXANDRIA -- Firefighters from several departments were called Tuesday morning to a fire believed to have originated in or near the Raapers Eatery and Ale building in Alexandria.

Officials say the fire was reported around 4:30 a.m.

About 120 firefighters from multiple departments are working to put out the fire.

City officials say the fire has destroyed four buildings. Crews are demolishing those buildings to make sure the fire does not spread.

About 20 people who live above the businesses have been displaced by the fire, but no injuries are reported. The American Red Cross is assisting the residents.

The area around the fire is barricaded, and people are asked to avoid the area.

Quincy Roers works at nearby Roers Bakery just north of the fire:

Smoke coming out of one of the apartment windows above Raapers -- there were squad cars already sitting there so we knew they were aware of the situation. And from there it escalated smoke started pouring out of every single opening and window available.

Roers says apartment buildings were evacuated:

They said everybody was accounted for in the apartments and the buildings below so there was no physical damage to anybody that I heard of.

Crews remain on scene.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.  

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