ST. CLOUD -- Emergencies haven't stopped just because COVID-19 has force people indoors.

First reponders are still answering medical calls that comes through the dispatch center.

St. Cloud Fire Chief Dean Wrobbel says they've made some changes on how they respond to those calls to follow social distancing guidelines.

We are getting phone numbers from everyone who has called in. Once we get outside your door or on your street we will give you a call and have a conversation about the reasons you've called. If it's minor we may meet you at the door to have a further conversation.

Wrobbel says in more serious situations, such as a heart attack, firefighters will wear a mask and respond as normal.

He says the goal is still to provide quality care while trying to limit the number of people in the same area as the patient.

The St. Cloud Fire Department is also suspending all fire station tours and limiting building inspections at this time. Staff will be in the building to answer any phone calls you have.

Wrobbel spoke as part of St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis daily community update.

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