ST. CLOUD -- Last fall an abundance of acorns had many wondering if it meant a snowy winter for central Minnesota. In fact, the Farmers' Almanac correctly predicted a winter of "teeth chattering cold and plentiful snow".

Farmers' Almanac spokeswoman Sandi Duncan says they have an 80% accuracy rate despite making the predictions 18 months in advance...

We enjoy getting the long-range prediction very close to being 100% accurate, but we like to point out that nobody does weather for 100% accuracy because Mother Nature is in charge.  We do try to give the seasonal outlooks to help people plan ahead.  So, I think that's where the Farmers' Almanac comes in useful...people want to know kind of what we're predicting for the spring, summer, fall, and winter ahead.

As for their methods, Duncan will only say their method is an exclusive mathematical and astronomical formula, that relies on sunspot activity, tidal action, planetary position and other factors developed in 1818.

Looking ahead to spring, Duncan says to expect a chilly and wet couple of months...

You would hope that after such a cold and snowy winter that spring would hurry up and get here, but according to the Farmers' Almanac spring forecast, we do think that spring is going to take its time.  In fact, overall for your zone, we're saying it's going to be a chilly and very wet/showery spring.

As for summer, the Farmers' Almanac is predicting it to be scorching hot and showery.

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