Many Minnesotans are turning to exploring Minnesota this summer due to a lack of concerts, city festivals, and sporting events.  Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota joined Jerry Carlson and I today on WJON.  Alyssa says Minnesotans are taking advantage of the many state parks, trails, and lakes.  Outdoor activities that are seeing an uptick include fishing, golfing, biking and any kind of water sports activities.  Listen below.


Alyssa says they don't have any firm financial data yet that indicates the state is seeing financial gains but based on information from resorts people are choosing stay-cations and resorts and happy to accommodate.  Hayes says the Houseboat industry near the Minnesota/Canadian border is doing real well with travel restrictions into Canada.

Many people are choosing to eat outside either on their own in state parks or at home while others are going to many of the state's restaurants who've expanded their outdoor seating.

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