SARTELL -- A police officer's job is to serve, protect and help the community they live in. And those at the Sartell Police Department continue to carry out that duty.

Sergeant Kelly Mader has been an officer in the Sartell for 12 years. He says his passion for


helping people is why he became a police officer.

"I really enjoy helping people. I know you have probably heard that but I really enjoy that."

To become a police officer, they need to attend the proper schooling. From there they begin their officer training, which includes working with experienced officers, gun training, and regular routine expectations.

Handling phone calls in a major responsibility while at work. With calls throughout the day, not knowing what to expect can be a love/hate relationship.

"It's a hard part but it's kind of nice not knowing what you are going to do for the day," says Mader.

The calls that are typical during the course of the day are domestic disputes. When evening falls officers shift focus to patrolling the streets.

The Sartell Police Department can make 13 traffic stops or more a day. Depending on how serious the stop results in whether officers bring the suspect back to their office or to a jail.

When a police officer makes a traffic stop, they never know what kind of reaction the driver will give them.

"I just try to treat them they way I would want to be treated," says Mader. "And if they want to be rude back, you just try to be polite."

Even though they wear a badge police officers are just like everyone else. Mader says he often receives interesting looks while on breaks in uniform.

"My thought is we are normal too. We eat just like everyone else, we do everything like anyone else."


Sgt Kelly Mader makes a traffic stop. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)
Sgt Kelly Mader makes a traffic stop. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)

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