CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says St. Cloud Hospital is seeing a slight increase in positive Covid-19 patients in the hospital and in their ICU.  He says the ballpark numbers include more than 20 positive cases which is just up from the 10-20 cases they had in the hospital last week. He says they are seeing patients of a variety of ages.  He says the mortality rate has decreased with better treatments available and more knowledge on how to manage the virus.



Dr. Morris says increased mask wearing is helping slow the spread of the virus.  He says science has indicated many more people would have died without masks.  We talked about kids returning to schools at the K-12 and college levels.  He says we are seeing small outbreaks which on occasion don't go reported because of the size of the outbreaks.  Morris says we are managing the virus at this point which allows for many things to go on like in-person school and sports.  He encourages precaution but says there are ways to do these things.

I asked where are those who are 40-plus generally getting the virus?  He says typcially bars and restaurants and small family gatherings.  He says most bars and restaurants are doing a good job adjusting and managing the changes required of them.

Dr. Morris says it is a bit too early to determine what long lasting effects those who have recovered from Covid-19 could have.  He says many of those who have recovered are still experiencing fatigue and body aches.

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