(Photo Courtesy: Phil Olson)
(Photo Courtesy: Phil Olson)

ST. CLOUD - The fifth installment of the Don’t Hug Me Musical Series is making its St. Cloud premiere. Don’t Hug Me We’re Married takes us back to northern Minnesota in the town of Bunyan Bay. Writer and Director Phil Olson says he calls it Fargo meets Bridesmaids without the wood chipper or the food poisoning.

The story follows Gunner and Clara Johnson are struggling with their marriage.

"Gunner and Clara Johnson are owners of the tiny little bar. They have been married a long time, and the romance has left the marriage. Clara would like to get it back, but Gunner sees the writing on the wall when he finds a pamphlet that Clara was hiding for divorce fantasy camp. He realizes at that point he needs do to something, show his wife he can pull it together. So they have a little competition, who can be the better spouse," says Olson.

The show also follows the engagements of Bernice & Aarvid, and Trigger & Knut.

Olson says, "It looks like we’re maybe going to have a double wedding, possibly, but then of course everything is going to go wrong that can possibly go wrong. The other question is, is Clara going to go to Divorce Fantasy Camp or is Gunner going to pull it together, and win back the love of his life? Rest assured nothing will go as wedding planned in Bunyan Bay."

This musical is full of laughter, and seventeen original songs including The Greatest Love Song Ever, The Marriage Test, Marriage Is Forever, Lower Expectations, The Day That Bob Dylan Was Here, It's All Comin' Together, and We're All Gonna Die. 

Olsen says he has a few more ideas for future Don’t Hug Me’s already.

I just enjoy the Don’t Hug Me’s so much, and they seem to do well. People respond to them so well that I can’t help write them. I’ll probably write a couple more, and then retire it. I have two ideas in my head right now that I know I want to write, and that probably will be it.


(Photo Courtesy: Phil Olson)
(Photo Courtesy: Phil Olson)


Thursday, August 13th

1:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 15th

7:30 p.m.

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