UNDATED -- If you have active kids at home you probably have some sports gear lying around your garage or basement that they've outgrown. All this week you can donate that equipment and get a cheap breakfast at the same time.

The non-profit organization United Heroes League has teamed-up with Perkins Family Restaurants through this Sunday. Drop off your donations at one of their restaurants and get a coupon for a "Magnificent 7" breakfast for $1.99.

United Heroes League spokesman Ben Mattson says the organization has expanded over the years beyond just the sport of hockey.

We started as Defending The Blue Line and that was hockey specific. This has grown now into more than 10 sports.

Mattson says they'll put that equipment to good use all across the country.

We encourage people in the seven-county metro area to drive in and be fitted locally for gear, be able to look and browse and take whatever they need from what we have.  If they're outside of that -- and again we ship to all 50 states -- we do that through the website.

United Heroes League started in Hastings, but they now support military families across the country. They supply free sports equipment, free sports camps, free associations dues through grants, and free tickets to sporting events to kids of military families.

The Perkins Restaurants in St. Cloud, Waite Park, Sartell and Buffalo are all included in this week's equipment drive.