ST. CLOUD -- Students in the St. Cloud Area School District are celebrating I Love to Read Month with the 8th annual One District, One Book program.

This year’s featured book, Cleo Edison Oliver, Playground Millionaire by Sundee T. Frazier, was revealed at Scheel’s on Saturday. K-12 Literacy Coordinator Lori Eckert says the story revolves around a young entrepreneur.

She always has ideas in her mind about what she can sell, what she can make, or different businesses. She sells avocados off her tree, she makes charms for your doggie collar, she makes hair bows, and then she comes up with a crazy idea and runs into a little bit of trouble, so she has to learn about consequences, good choices, and friendship.

Each night elementary students across the district will read a chapter at home with their family. When they return to school the following day they will participate in daily trivia and other activities in the classroom.

This year 3200 books were distributed, one per family.

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