ST. CLOUD -- District 742 has approved a historic donation.

At Wednesday’s meeting, District 742’s School Board unanimously agreed to accept a donation of three parcels of land adjacent to Westwood Elementary School.

The three parcels, with an appraised value of $975,000, were donated by JAZZZZ Holdings. In a letter to the board, Jeff Tyson explains the donation.

We wanted everyone to know this land and Westwood School holds many memories for the entire Tyson family. My parents bought this section of land and named at Tyson Park. My father was a home builder by trade. My father started off by naming the entrance to our home after my mother.

Vice Chair Al Dahlgren says the district is very thankful for the donation.

I would once again just say thank you to the Tyson's, and let them know that we will be good stewards of the land. We are very good stewards of all of our properties, and this one will be no different.

The district has no immediate plans to develop the land, but will use it to enhance science and natural resources classes.

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