SAUK RAPIDS -- Family helping family is a motto the Adamski family has taken to heart.

15-year-old Madelyn Adamski has spent her whole life around the Sauk Rapids Fire Department and this summer wanted to help her second family.

"They were talking about one of their calls and decided since they were having issues with their rescue boat, I would get them a new boat," says Adamski.

"A lot of the times we get out there and the river is so low that trying to get through the rocks and other things causes a problem for the propeller," says Madelyn's father Jason Adamski.

Jason is a volunteer firefighter for the department. He says he was shocked to hear about his daughters plans to buy a new all-terrain boat, propelled by a fan.

"I wasn't sure she realized the price. When I told her this boat could be upwards to $50,000 she didn't even bat and eye," says Jason.

Madelyn's father Jason Adamski. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

Working around school and her studies, Madelyn started setting up accounts with the city, approaching area businesses and organizations and set up a website to help with her cause.

"The biggest surprise so far was when we got the $10,000 donation from the Rice Area Sportsman Club," says Madelyn.

"At our last meeting I mentioned to the crew what she has been receiving and it kind of surprised me at first because there was just a huge round of applause for her," says Jason.

Madelyn has raised about $13,000 towards her $40,000 to $50,000 goal and hopes to be at about $20,000 come next month.

"I think the community is more shocked than me that somebody is willing to do this or something like this is happening," says Madelyn.

As a firefighter Jason says he is excited to see what happens but as a father he couldn't be more proud of the work his daughter has done.

"I really let her do her own thing, I'm there to encourage her. She's really done this all herself," says Jason.

Madelyn Adamski talks about her fundraising efforts for the Sauk Rapids fire department. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)