ST. PAUL -- Governor Tim Walz has ordered the curfew in Minneapolis and Saint Paul extended for two more days but narrowed the hours from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m.

The National Guard will also begin demobilizing some of its troops, but Major General Jon Jensen says the plan is flexible and can stop if the security situation worsens:

"I don't like to term, pulling back."

Walz: "Yeah."

Jensen: "What happened here early on, admittedly, we made mistakes as it related to troops on the ground and even tactics. So we had to get ahead of the curve, and so Governor Walz said, full mobilization of the guard."

About President Trump's call for cities to get tougher on protesters, Governor Walz says:

"A posture of a force on the ground is both unsustainable militarily (and) it's also unsustainable socially."

This story courtesy of the Minnesota News Network

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