SAUK RAPIDS -- As supply chain issues derail some construction projects, the new Pleasantview Elementary in Sauk Rapids remains on time and on budget.

Superintendent Brad Bergstrom says they've been able to store supplies at the bus garage and have worked with the city for storage issues, to make sure they have the supplies they need to stay on track.

You've seen up to this point a lot of things going on outside, now while we're still seeing windows being put in and brick going up, we're also seeing a lot more things going on inside, and that's very exciting.

Bergstrom says staying on time is important because once this school year ends on June 2nd they'll only have about a week to empty out the current Pleasantview building before they start tearing it down to make way for a parking lot.

The new Pleasantview will then need to be ready to open for the first day of school this fall.

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Meanwhile, as the number of COVID-19 cases remains high, due to the Omicron variant, Bergstrom says they are trying their best to manage the increasing absences in the district. He says the number one thing families can do to help is to keep their kids home when they are sick.

If your child is sick or exhibiting symptoms, really keep them at home and get them tested, to make sure they are not positive so that we can look to manage this latest surge of COVID and we can keep our buildings open.

Bergstrom says the staff has been helping out in other areas when needed, including himself going into the classroom and substitute teaching. He says finding subs were already difficult prior to COVID-19 and the pandemic has made the problem worse. He says anyone who wants to help out and a fill-in working in a variety of areas should contact the district office.

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