Whether you like 'em green, blue, red, yellow, or orange there's just something about a tractor isn't there? My in-laws abide mostly by one particular color of machinery, but one Central Minnesota man seems to be color blind as he seems to have a passion for collecting old and rare tractors. Meet Ernie Wollak, and his impressive collection of tractors!

Pioneer PBS did a series on Minnesota Collections, and Ernie and his collection made the cut, after watching the video and seeing all the gleaming metal from those machines I can see why.

Ernie calls his tractor collection "Big Iron" and when you watch the video, you can find it below, you can see why it's called that. Just from a few frames of the interview, I saw a Massey-Harris, a Minneapolis Moline, some John Deere, some International Harvesters, and maybe even a Ford in the background.

Wollak told Pioneer PBS that he got into tractors as a kid growing up on his family farm.

So how many tractors does Ernie have in his collection? He told Pioneer PBS the number is around 136 or 137, but he hasn't "sat down and counted them". Wollak added that he looked all over the world for these machines in his collection.

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As I watched the interview I have to say how impressed I was at each one of the machines that were featured. It appeared that they all had brand-new tires on them, and all of them run!

Congrats on Ernie and his collection, and for being recognized by Pioneer PBS.

Do you have an old tractor that you are proud of? We'd love to see it, send us a message on our free app!

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