ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Coborn's Incorporated is getting out of the convenience store business in central Minnesota.

A company spokesman says Coborn's currently operates 14 Holiday Stationstore franchises in central Minnesota.

He says they have agreed to sell those to Holiday. Coborn's will focus its operations on its grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, and on-campus fuel stations that are not franchised.

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During its meeting on Monday night, the St. Cloud City Council will be asked to approve the transfer of an off-sale 3.2 malt liquor license and the tobacco license for the three Coborn's owned Holiday Stationstores in the city on County Road 4, on Highway 10 South, and on 5th Avenue South.

That is on the council's consent agenda.

Holiday will continue to accept and redeem MORE Fuel Rewards at these locations.

Any other potential changes within the locations will be based on Holiday’s playbook for their convenience/fuel centers.


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