ST. CLOUD -- The results from the annual climate survey for the St. Cloud Area School District are in.

This year for the first time, the district used the U.S Department of Education School Climate Survey which is not comparable to previous years.

Included in the sample were instructional and non-instructional staff, parents of students in grades 3-12, and students in grades 5-12. The surveys were all optional and provided either online or on paper.

This year’s survey evaluated three categories: engagement, safety, and environment. Dr. Sylvia Huff is the Executive Director of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Enrollment for the district. She says the biggest takeaway is that students are in need of more social and emotional support.

Our students are expressing, just from the different questions, more of a need for more social-emotional support, so just ramping up even more so what we do in terms of SEL within the district. I would say that even the staff and parents responses to the climate surveys also support that.

Last year Social Emotional Learning programs were piloted at the middle school level. That curriculum will be added to K-2 this year.

Other areas of opportunity for the district to improve include bullying and inter-student relationships.

The survey showed positive feedback in areas of athletics, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities as well as the relationships between teachers and students.