CLEARWATER -- After months of deliberation, Clearwater has decided to create a city ordinance to allow mobile food trucks to stay in town longer than the state regulations.

The ordinance will allow mobile food trucks to operate for more than 21 days. Before, mobile food trucks in town had to abide by the state regulations, which is less than 21 days.

The issue was brought to the council earlier this year when Jimmy's Pizza asked the city what they need to do to be able to set up a mobile food truck, have it be open for more than 21 days and be able to deliver from the mobile location.

Through discussions with the Minnesota Department of Health, the city found out they would need to first make an ordinance to allow mobile food trucks, so they can operate more than 21 days in a year. Then after the ordinance is passed, Jimmy's Pizza would be able to negotiate with the state on if they can deliver from the location.

Clearwater Mayor Pete Edmonson says the city has done as much as they can do to help the pizza restaurant, the rest is in the state's hands.

"Now that we have an official ordinance that was passed, that allows for use over 21 days and having the different details in that ordinance, Jimmy's Pizza can then take that to the state and petition the state to adjust their rules, ordinances and zoning."

Edmonson says if Jimmy's Pizza gets approval from the Minnesota Department of Health they will be able to deliver from their mobile location.

By allowing mobile food trucks to be in Clearwater for more than 21 days, Edmonson says it will help the city grow.

"We've got a good fee schedule that I think will work for Jimmy's Pizza and also work for our taxpayers as well. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

Back in June, Clearwater sent a letter to the state in support of Jimmy's Pizza's plans. The pizza chain also paid fees associated with making the new city ordinance.

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