CLEARWATER -- Clearwater is in need of a new mayor and only one person has stepped up to the plate.

Andrea Lawrence-Wheeler currently is a member of the city council. She decided after learning that current Mayor Pete Edmonson would not be running for re-election that she'd put her hat in the ring. She says after talking to City Administrator Kevin Kress she felt the need to file.

"He said well if no one files it just goes to an election and then usually you get a write-in candidate and maybe they are serious, maybe it's a joke - everyone just votes for Bob down the street. I said well what happens then, and he said usually those people don't accept, it was a joke and they are like, that was funny but I don't want to be mayor. So then I said what happens if the write-ins don't accept and he said then the mayor is appointed and I thought that's just not what a democracy is."

Lawrence-Wheeler's main goal if elected is to listen to Clearwater residents to find out what they would like to see in the city's future.

"I want to get out and find out how much the city of Clearwater wants to grow. Not everybody moves to a small town and wants it to turn into a town of 25,000. I look at Monticello as an example. Twenty years ago Monticello was a tiny town, now it's a huge booming business town with multiple exits coming off of I-94. That's great if that's what Monticello wanted. I want to find out what the people of Clearwater want and then assist in making that happen."

Lawrence-Wheeler is in the second year of her council term. She also serves on the parks board.

If you're interested in talking with Lawrence-Wheeler, her email is You can reach out to set up a meeting.

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