ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Police cited 107 people for various offenses in southside neighborhoods this year during the St. Cloud State University move-in weekend.

This is down from 137 people cited last year and 223 people cited in 2014. According to St. Cloud State University officials, of the 107 people cited, only 35 percent were current St. Cloud State students.

Of the 56 under 21 consumption charges, 45 people were directed to the diversion program being put on by the St. Cloud City Attorney's Office and St. Cloud State University.

Police say while students were moving in and returning, they continued a tradition of neighborhood preventive walks to greet area residents, while advising students about laws and safety tips. Police, city officials and SCSU leadership made contact with 225 southside homes and 50 apartment complexes (3,086 people).

Here's the complete list of citations for the three day period:

Underage Consumption: 56
Open Alcohol Container: 33
Disruptive Intoxication: 5
Social Host: 1
Noise Violation-Loud Party: 4
Noise Violation-Loud Stereos & Radios: 4
Noise Violation: 1
Motor Vehicle Loud Stereos & Radios: 1
Urinating in Public: 6
Fleeing Police Officer on Foot: 6
Littering: 2
Possession Fictitious/Fraudulent Driver’s License: 2
1st Degree DWI: 1
4th Degree DWI: 1
4th Degree DWI .08 or more within 2 hours: 1
Open Container in a M/V: 1
No Insurance: 2
No Proof of Insurance: 1
Expired Registration: 2
No Valid MN DL: 1
Driving after Revocation: 2
Driving after Suspension: 1
Instruction Permit Violation: 1
Underage Drinking & Driving: 1
Obstructing Legal Process: 1
5th Degree Drug Possession: 1
Possess Drug Paraphernalia: 1
Possess Small Amount of Marijuana: 1
Stearns County Juvenile Warrant: 1
Stearns County Warrant: 1
Use of Tobacco by Person Under 18: 1

The Stearns County Jail booked 21 people on a variety of charges that were related to the opening of school enforcement action.

St. Cloud Police say they will continue increased police presence and enforcement during the 2016 school year.

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