CentraCare is teaming up with Tom Farley and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for a free webinar called "Helping Families Face Addiction".  The webinar will take place from 11 a.m. - noon Tuesday October 20.  Tom Farley is the brother of former Saturday Night Live and Movie Star Chris Farley.  Tom and Chris both struggled with addiction in their lives.  Chris Farley died on December 18, 1997 of a drug overdose.  Tom talked to me today about how he was able to recover and how easy it is to revert back to the same addiction.  Listen to our conversation below.


Tom and Chris Farley both grew up in Wisconsin.  Tom says he wasn't aware of the addiction struggles Chris was fighting through near the end of his life and says everyone's struggles are unique and need to be addressed that way.  He talked about some of his favorite memories of Chris on SNL citing Chris's character asking Paul McCartney about if he remembers his time with The Beatles.  Tom says Chris wasn't playing a character, he was playing himself.

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