OGILVIE, Minn. - A family-run business, tucked in the woods of central Minnesota, makes a product now found in 80 countries worldwide.


"White Tail Tool" of Ogilvie makes millions of liquor bottle pour spouts each year, 24 hours a day - and is the latest unique company finding its way into our Made in Central Minnesota series.

This over $30 million a year enterprise began 14 years ago with an idea by trade school graduate and jewelry designer Archie Peckels.

These days, the company assembles and ships liquor bottle pourers, inset with patented ball-bearing systems, that will only dispense a certain amount of ounces each pour. They market them through Plymouth-based "Precision Pours."

Peckels, who says he currently holds more patents related to the liquor business than anyone around the world, says the product helps bars save money while reducing over or under-selling. As a result, demand from around the globe continues to grow.

One of the newest ideas include a an electronic ounce-counting spout that sends data to a computer program so bars can keep track of shot sizes.

Peckels says the liquor industry is booming, and so they follow the trends closely.

Peckels' patented machines never take a break - they create pourers 24 hours a day.