ST. CLOUD -- For the past 40 years those in the agricultural industry have circled their calenders for the Central Minnesota Farm Show.

It's at the River's Edge Convention Center today (Tuesday) through Thursday afternoon, with hundreds of farmers gathering to see the latest in the industry.

Brian Olson is the Farm Show Chair. He says they continue to have a strong core of vendors on display.

"We have a strong tradition of having good vendors and strong agricultural vendors," says Olson.

You will see many things in the agricultural industry such as tractors, fertilizers, feed, and the newest technology styles.

John Bieringer runs Dairyland Supply and says he has been a vendor at the farm show since it began.

"We originally came to the old electric show at the mall when it started here," says Bieringer.

Bieringer uses the farm show to connect with old customers, meet new friends and talk about the latest technology.

"When I first started we had a lot of farmers milking with buckets and now most of those people are all gone," says Bieringer.

Bieringer says while the industry continues to change, it's nice to see familiar faces continue to farm.

The Central Minnesota Farm Show runs now until Thursday at 4:00 p.m. It is open to everyone.


Hundreds interested in farming head to the River's Edge Convention Center for the Central MN Farm Show. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)