ST. CLOUD -- CentraCare Health is making it easier for you to schedule appointments. The organization is launching its new communications platform, CentraCare Connect.

Kelly Macken-Marble is the Vice President of Operations, Ambulatory Division. She says the new system will help patients get a quicker response.

"Our goal really is to provide 24/7 access for our patients and community to schedule appointments as well as to talk to a nurse."

Some of the new features include one phone number to call (320-200-3200 or toll-free 800-835-6654), having only one number that can connect to any primary care clinic, department or program simplifies the process.

Macken-Marble says besides the phone number, CentraCare Connect has many more features patients can use.

"A couple of the other new features we added, secure texting, a patient can text the word CARE to our phone number and have a secure text with a scheduler or triage nurse."

The new system also offers web-chat, to help patients get their questions answered.

CentraCare Connect started being installed at some clinics in Spring 2017 and now almost all CentraCare locations are using the new platform.

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