Dr. George Morris from CentraCare joined me on WJON this week for an update on Covid-19 at St. Cloud Hospital and within CentraCare.  He says they've vaccinated more than 3,000 high risk people with the Covid-19 vaccine.  Those that would be in the high risk category are those living and working in long-term care facilities.  The Moderna vaccine has been used for those in long-term care facilities while CentraCare has been using the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on their health care workers.  Morris says they continue to get a steady supply of the vaccine and will vaccinate health care workers and those living in long-term care facilities until those needs are meant.  Listen to our 2-part conversation below.



Morris says they have plans in place to vaccinate those who would be next in line for the vaccination as soon as possible.  He says those who are 75 and older not living in long term care facilities would be next.  Morris is hoping for the population to be 80 to 90 percent immune by this summer which will include those who have had Covid-19 and recovered and those vaccinated.  He says returning to a new normal could be achieved by late summer.

Dr. Morris says as of Wednesday no one has died in Minnesota from influenza this winter and they are seeing many less cases of the flu.  He says the reason for this is due to the mask wearing and social distancing that a large segment of the population is doing.

High School and youth sports are returning to games next week, bars and restaurants are opening to in-person dining and schools are returning to some in-person learning.  With these adjustments Dr. Morris reminded us of ways to prevent the spread of the virus.  He says the virus spreads from the nose and/or mouth with coughing and breathing.  He says ventilation indoors is important in stopped the spread as well. He says mask wearing and social distancing are still important until herd immunity can be achieved later in 2021.

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