ST. CLOUD -- The Better Business Bureau is warning you about a fake "pop-up" alert scam on computers which claims adult content has been detected on the computer.

The user is then urged to call an 877 number before closing the page or computer access will be disabled and financial data, logins and credit card details are being stolen.

The BBB says the alerts are not legitimate and the entities behind them are fraudulent.

The agency says it is a typical scam that operates on fear and uncertainty while adding a sense of embarrassment. While the alerts look scary, the BBB says don't panic, just close the browser or shut off your computer and the messages should go away.

The scam is triggered only when you call the phone number listed.

If you are targeted with this scam, you're encouraged to report it to police.

Below is an example of the "pop-up" alert.

Image Provided by the Better Business Bureau
Image Provided by the Better Business Bureau