WAITE PARK -- With a focus on health, one local company is making a difference in area schools. Before recent changes to the lunch program, Bernick's participated in a national effort to reduce high-calorie beverages in schools.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation was created in 2005 by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation. Since then, Bernick's has been working to offer healthier options for students to pick from in school vending machines.

Director of Corporate Affairs, Jason Bernick says the company is just looking to do the right thing.

The program offers items like milk, tea and water instead of high-calorie sodas. When First Lady, Michelle Obama began her Let's Move campaign and pushed for changes to the School Lunch Program, she praised the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for their efforts.

Since 2010, beverage companies such as Pepsi have been adding labels to the front of all cans and bottles, which display the total calorie counts on drinks 20 ounces or less. The goal is to help consumers make informed decisions.

Although these programs look to help, Bernick says more needs to be done to improve overall health.

Bernick's is also an active sponsor of community fitness efforts. They partner with the local YMCA to host a Family Fitness Series in St. Cloud. Bernick says the company likes to be active within the communities they serve.

In addition to fitness, Bernick's offers a variety of community grants. They gave out over $150,000-worth of grants last year.