FOLEY -- Formal charges have been filed against a man accused of giving heroin to a woman who overdosed at a St. Cloud mobile home park. Twenty-eight-year-old Matthew Vogelsang is charged with 3rd-degree murder and a 4th-degree controlled substance crime.

St. Cloud Police were called to a mobile home at 150 Highway 10 North back on May 3rd for an unresponsive woman. Officers arrived to find 62-year-old Julie Vogelsang dead inside.

The homeowner, Brian Vogelsang, said his sister had been living there for about a month. On that morning, Vogelsang said his son Matthew came over as he was going to lay down for a nap. A short time later, Matthew came into the bedroom to say Julie did some of his "stuff" and was unresponsive.

Matthew Vogelsang allegedly told his dad he had given the woman heroin. The charges allege Matthew Vogelsang called 911 and posed as his brother and then fled the scene because he had arrest warrants out on him.

Police searched the home and found needles and other paraphernalia associated with heroin use. Brian Vogelsang said the materials were his son's. He also said his sister was just fine earlier that morning and did not have any complaints or any sickness. He also told officers his son is a heroin user and believed that his son gave the drugs to his sister.

Police were able to track down Matthew Vogelsang Tuesday when he was booked into the Morrison County Jail on the outstanding warrants. St. Cloud Police interviewed him while in jail where he denied giving the woman the heroin, but rather smoked methamphetamine with her. He also denied telling his dad that he had given Julie Vogelsang heroin.

An autopsy of the victim determined her cause of death as toxic effects of multiple drugs including heroin, codeine and methamphetamine. The combined effects of the drugs, even in small doses, can lead to death.

Vogelsang will be transferred to the Benton County Jail to face the charges. No court date has been set at this time.