FOLEY -- There's been a lot of talk about the realignment of Congressional districts.  But, now that the 2010 Census figures have been released, state and local governments are also beginning that process.

In Benton County, population shifts mean three of the five commissioners districts need to be realigned.  County Administrator Monty Headley says each of their five districts need to have about 7,700 people living in them.

District 3 -- which is Jim McMahon's district -- needs to trim more than 800 people.  And District 5 -- which is Earl Bukowski's district -- needs to lose about 1,200 people.

Meanwhile, District 4 -- Spencer Buerkle's district -- lost population and needs to gain nearly 1,800 residents.

District's 1 and 2 should not be affected.

Headley says the county needs to have the new district lines drawn by May of next year.