SAUK RAPIDS - The Benton County Agricultural Society is the oldest agricultural society in the state of Minnesota.

Joe Scapanski is a member of the agriculture society, he says the ag organization is actually a few years older than the state of Minnesota.

"We were incorporated before there was a state of Minnesota. We were just Minnesota territory."

In 165 years the role of the agricultural society has changed. In recent years they have had a greater focus on local fairs. Scapanski says the fairs started a way for local farmers to share their ideas.

"The fair was a result of the community coming together. People would actually discuss new inventions at the fair. A lot of inventions that hit the market would be shown at the fair."

To celebrate the 165th birthday of the agricultural society, members held a party on the Cottonwood stage and served cake to all who attended.

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON

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