COLD SPRING -- With such an ideal spring for apple trees, apple growers are preparing for a fruitful harvest.

Last year, the late frost killed blossoms, and the drought that followed didn't help.

However, this year orchards are looking to bounce back.

Gary Menke, is the co-owner of Hidden Cove Orchard in Cold Spring. He says the apples are right on track.

"The apples look fantastic. The size is just right."

Hidden Cove Orchard has 250 apple trees on its five acres of land, and each apple is hand-picked.

"Each tree I'll pick six to eight times. I start with the one's that are ripe, and the one's that are not, I'll leave on the tree."

For ten year's, Menke has been growing and selling apples, and after each season he feels proud of the hard work put in.

"People really appreciate good, juicy apples."

Five pound bags of apples, are available for purchase at the orchard.


Hidden Cove Orchards prepare for harvest time. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)