If you've got a freezer loaded with some of your favorite pizza's all ready for some NFL play-off binge-watching this weekend, you may want to check and see what brands you have.

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A Minnesota-based company located in Askov, Minnesota is recalling a little over 1400 pounds of chicken alfredo pizza. Although there are no pathogens in the pizzas, there is an error in what's listed on the pizza's label.

The Kettle River Chicken Alfredo Pizza contains wheat, which is an allergen for many people. The pizzas were sold to retail locations and restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as fundraiser programs.


The 12 inch, 25-ounce plastic-wrapped frozen, and heat-treated, but not fully cooked pizzas, have establishment number  P-04203 inside the USDA mark of inspection. The following lot codes will be stamped on the bottom of the packaging:

  • 21343
  • 21349
  • 21362
  • 22011

The product label that was used was actually intended for a different product that the company has, and as far as we know, there have been no reports of adverse reactions to the product yet.

The question is if you do NOT have an allergy to wheat, can you still eat the pizza? Generally, there was nothing wrong with the pizzas themselves other than the wheat product, so if you and those that would be consuming the pizza don't have known allergies to wheat, you could eat the pizza. However, the USDA food safety department is asking people to discard the pizza's because of the mislabeling information, and the fact that they may be in people's freezers, and could be consumed by people who have wheat allergies at some point in the future since the label is inaccurate.

For a look at all of the detailed information please click HERE.


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