UNDATED -- It's an easy thing to fall victim to and becoming a growing issue at gas stations around the country, credit card skimmers.

Especially with the Christmas travel season, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning consumers of the dangers this scam presents.

It breaks down like this: scammers will place their skimming devices on the inside of the pump's card reader. The device can't be seen from the outside and can gift the scammer dozens of different card numbers a day.

Another tactic also being used by these scammers is Bluetooth technology that allows them to retrieve the stolen data without having to return to the scene of their crime. Luckily the BBB has some tips to avoid getting your information stolen.

  • Give it a wiggle -- Skimming devices are usually attached, and will move around separately than the legitimate reader.
  • Pay inside or with cash -- Obviously paying in cash basically nullifies the chances you'll get scammed, and you're usually safe paying at the card reader inside the station as well.
  • See something, say something -- If you see someone suspicious messing with a gas pump, let one of the employees know right away, help yourself and everyone else.

The BBB says a lot of gas stations are starting to use tamper-resistant tape, and having inspections performed to fight this type of scam. However, make sure to keep an eye out this holiday season.

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