ST. CLOUD -- A claims backlog from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has veterans waiting too long to receive the benefits they have earned. The backlog has delay it where on average veterans wait 200-300 days before they can receive benefits.

Central Minnesota Field Representative Lisa Fobbe (part of Sen. Franken's Staff) was in St. Cloud today to hear the concerns of local veterans which is of big importance to Senator Franken.

The proposed bill is call The Quicker Benefits Delivery Act and while it will not end the claims backlog alone, it will help improve the VA's claims processing practices and enable veterans to receive benefits more quickly.

For two weeks Senator Franken's staff will travel across the state to hear the concerns of veterans in regards to the backlog, and so far there have been a mixture of responses.

Senator Franken also plans to re-introduce legislation to increase access to health care benefits for veterans in rural areas later this month.