AVON -- A new gym catered to small-towns is opening soon in Avon. Workout 24/7 is set to open its doors next Wednesday.

The Avon location will be the seventh for the chain.

Chad Radtke is the Owner of Workout 24/7 and says part of his motivation comes from growing up in Morris.

"We didn't have anywhere to be able to workout, so it was always a frustration. You had to wait for the high school to be open at certain hours and if there wasn't someone to supervise you couldn't get in."

The other part of his motivation comes from being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

"19 years ago I was diagnosed with MS, and I had to come up with something that I was really passionate about and gave me more flexibility than the current work schedule I had."

Radtke adds since coming up with the small-town focused business model, they've been doing well for a decade.

"[We're] for communities that are pretty much, less than 5,000 people. I opened my first Workout 24/7 in Wells in 2007. So we're actually going on our ten-year anniversary here."

Radtke says they hope to take on about ten-percent of a town's population in as members, so in Avon they hope to have about 150. Current locations are; Wells, Spring Valley, Richmond, Dodge Center, Blue Earth and Eden Valley.

They're located in the old Aunt Annie's Quilts and Silks building off Avon Avenue.

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