ST. JOSEPH -- The College Of St. Benedict is currently planning two major renovation and building projects that they hope will carry them into their next century.

St. Ben's is in the process of planning a new building which will house their psychology, math, economics and computer science departments. The project cost is estimated to be between $45  and $50 million.

Mary Ann Baenninger is the current president at St. Ben's. She says the majority of the project cost will be covered by private donors.

The new building will serve as the largest academic building on campus. Baenninger says students will be able to study in a more sustainable environment.

Sustainability is the key feature of the new building which will contain more energy efficient windows to allow for a greater use of natural light. The college is sourcing out local materials including brick which will help keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Unique to the building will be the green roof which will collect rainwater to sustain a natural garden. Baenninger says the garden will help to create a heat and cold balance throughout the building.

The college is also looking to renovate and expand the Haehn Campus Center which is the current athletic facility.

The fitness facility will be updated and the swimming pool will be renovated to comply with regulations to allow for competitions to be held there.

Baenninger says the project with cost about $20 million to make all of the renovations they hope to.

As far as student enrollment goes, Baenninger says she feels the college is the perfect size and they don't have plans for future expansion. The college currently has about 2,100 students enrolled.

Artist rendering of future CSB building