SAUK RAPIDS -- Spend some time at the Benton County Fair and you'll have a hard time not finding something to do with the 4-H organization.

The 4-H exhibits have been around for generations as kids show off their animals and education people about agriculture.


Benton County 4-H Program Coordinator Ann Olson says while their numbers continue to be strong, they have seen a decline in animal exhibits due to the change in farming.

Our numbers have been excellent. But we have seen our animal showings are down, but part of that is because we are running into more hobby farms. A lot of families lease, so if you want to show an animal and you don't have a place to keep it you can lease it from a farmer.

Olson says there are many things to see an do at the Benton County Fair with ties to 4-H. She says a huge money maker for their organization is the 4-H Lunch stand.

That lunch stand is pretty much our only fundraiser throughout the whole year. We have specials all the time and it's all homemade food made by our members.

The 4-H Lunch stand is open every day of the Benton County Fair starting with breakfast until 10:30 a.m.

The building is located right next to the Cottonwood Stage, just down the road from the 4-H section of the fairgrounds.

Olson says after the Benton County fair, the kids will move on to the Minnesota State Fair, before having a short break and beginning the new season in October.