ST. CLOUD - The State House has included the River's Edge Convention Center in it's bonding bill -- sort of.  The city was asking for $10.1 million to build a parking ramp adjacent to the facility.  However, the House only included $1 million for the project.

State Representative Steve Gottwalt of St. Cloud says at least the project is still in play, and he's hoping they'll still get more money.

The House did not include any money for upgrades to the St. Cloud Prison or the St. Cloud Technical and Community College.  The total bill is proposing $280 million in bonding projects.  Gottwalt says he was surprised it was so low.

The State Senate still has to release it's bonding proposal.

The Governor wants a $775 million bonding bill.  His proposal includes the full $10.1 million for the Convention Center and $29 million for the St. Cloud Prison, but it doesn't include money for the Technical and Community College.