It's friendly and local and a nice beach overall

AVON - This week on "Your Town Tuesday" travel to the town of Avon home to one of the few public beaches in the area.

Avon Beach
Photo: Joshua Akkerman


Jim Thares says that the beach is definitely a crown jewel of Avon, creating an historic long-term aspect for the community.

The Avon beach recently underwent renovations to ensure the beach remained in pristine condition.Thares recalls that day.

"The summer of 2012 they rededicated the beach, and acknowledged all the donated funds to do all the repairs, and kind of get it in top shape again."

Avon Beach
Photo: Joshua Akkerman

The donated funds came from community members and businesses in the area. Thares says the city didn't pay for anything.

"It was just an outreach effort, from people and businesses in the community and that's really a heck of a response from a community of this size."

It's a great way to spend a day of family fun

During the summer months you can find many families out enjoying the beach and swimming is just part of it. PJ's on the Lake is right next to the beach providing a great location to get something to eat or drink.

But there is so much more that this lake offers than the beach. Thares says fishing on this lake is exceptional. In fact there are multiple lakes that offer great fishing. From the top of the water tower you can see nine lakes, seven of which are inside or bordering city limits.

Middle Spunk Lake, Avon Minnesota
Photo: Joshua Akkerman

In fact there are multiple lakes that offer great fishing. It is said that if you stand on top of the Avon water tower you can see nine different lakes in the area.

In addition to the three Spunk Lakes there is Ochotto Lake, Lake Anna, Linneman Lake, and Minnie Lake.

It is these lakes as well as the wooded hills that prompted the title for a book about the history of Avon.


I love history. I'm fascinated by history.

Jeanette Clancy, author of 'Nestled between Lakes and Wooded Hills: The Centennial History of the Avon Area, says it took her three years to write the book. She interviewed the oldest people she could find in the area.

Jeanette Clancy
Photo: Joshua Akkerman

"I remember thinking at one point, I know more about Avon than the people I'm interviewing  now, because I not only have their information but I had all the information that I had gotten from other people. I had the total picture in a way that any particular source did not. It gave me a funny feeling."

Not only did Clancy write about the lakes, woods, and beach in her book, but she covered how Avon became the town that it is today.

I cover the evolution of the commerce. I have sections on families, the businesses, the evolution of the church, how schools evolved, the evolution of the basic institutions to the society. I have sections. Oh I must not forget to mention. There is a huge section on prohibition.

Nestled between Lakes and Wooded Hills
Photo: Joshua Akkerman

In fact Clancy was called upon by another author to share her knowledge of prohibition and moon shining in the area. She says that's one section of the book that people love to read and chuckle over.

Clancy says that she is going to continue writing saying writing gives her a way to express her feelings. She has gathered so much information on Avon that a sequel could be written.



Someday, somebody better write a sequel using all the information that I have amassed.

There is more unique and interesting things that make up the town of Avon. Be sure to check it out when you head to the beach this summer, and remember to look for your town as "Your Town Tuesday" continues to find the unique people, places, and things in Central Minnesota.