ST. STEPHEN - This week we're focusing on St. Stephen in our "Your Town Tuesday" series on WJON.

St. Stephen is a town of about 850 people, and they're celebrating their 100th birthday next week. The settlement was actually founded in 1858, but it wasn't incorporated until May 18th, 1914. They got their own post office in 1957.

Mayor Cindy VanderWeyst is in her second term. She says St. Stephen is holding it's own, "We see a little growth, which is nice. You don't want to stop having growth. We look at our city and we've got some long standing businesses that have been in the town for a long time. It's nice to see".

VanderWeyst says, when houses go on the market, they usually sell pretty quickly, "Every now and then you're going to see a home that goes on the market. One thing that I like to watch is how long it takes for a home to sell. Most of our homes sell fairly quickly. I don't think they're on the market for much more than six months. So that's nice, because you know people want to be a part of your community".

Next weekend, July 18th through the 20th, St. Stephen has a Centennial Celebration planned. There's a car show on Friday night, on Saturday there's a parade as well as a performance by Sherwin and Pam Linton, and on Sunday there's a tractor show.

Coming-up next week on our "Your Town Tuesday" series we're heading back to Benton County and visiting the town of Gilman.