CLEAR LAKE - This week in our "Your Town Tuesday" series we're stopping in the community of Clear Lake.

Clear Lake is a bedroom community that has had some pretty quick growth in recent years.  They've doubled in size from 300 residents in 1990 to just over 600 today.

Mayor Tim Goenner  says, after a slow down of new construction during the recession, two new developments are getting back on track.

Goenner says, once those two developments are finished, anywhere from 100 to 300 new homes will be built in Clear Lake.

A lot of us pass through Clear Lake on a regular basis, whether it's on Highway 10 or Highway 24. Some day it's possible a new route may dramatically change the look of the little town.

Goenner says MnDOT's plan to create a new road connecting I-94 with Highway 10, just south of Clear Lake has been pushed back at least until the year 2020. He says, if that road eventually gets built, he doesn't think it will hurt local businesses.

Goenner says, if the road gets built, they anticipate Clear Lake will grow to the west toward Clearwater, and to the south toward the new bypass.

Supporters of the extension of the Northstar Commuter Rail line up to St. Cloud have a lot of work to do, if that's ever going to happen. If it does, that means it will be coming through Clear Lake.  Goenner says they'd like it to stop in their community.

Goenner says they've been working with the township for a possible train depot just outside of town. He says the biggest hurdle would be the regular costs for maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

Coming-up next week in our "Your Town Tuesday" series, we'll be heading just a bit further south on Highway 10 with a stop in Becker.