Don't you always wonder why cats like people?  Well...They really don't think of us as people.  Studies show that cats think of us as large, non hostile cats.  So your cat may think of your relationship as pet and pet owner in a different way. More like.."Cat" and "Large Morphed out Cat that feeds me".



When a cat kneads your body or the surface of a blanket or bed, it's behavior that's meant for its mothers belly.  Rubbing up against a human leg or hand is a way of treating you as another cat.  Has your cat ever brought you a dead mouse?  It's not that they want to feed you...they just feel that they are in a safe place to eat their kill.  Usually, once they take a bite of it...They tend to like the flavor of the food you serve them better.  Thus....Thank you Large Morphed out Cat for my delicious food."

So Cats don't see you as "mom"...they see you more like a giant room mate.  My cat Mr. Bean cleans my oldest sons beard.  Seriously.   I don't know if that's cool...wierd...or just plain gross.