ST. CLOUD -- As worker shortages increase across the country, employers in the manufacturing industry are doing what they can to grow their workforce.

With the Tour of Manufacturing fast approaching, companies like Park Industries and DCI Inc. are showing you opportunities are knocking.

"A big part of that is how we are helping them pursue education and sponsoring that while they are working for us."

Kelly Hansen is the Vice President of Human Resources for Park Industries. She says area schools are vital to their success.

"I'm heavily involved with the District 742 Advisory Board, we've been talking with the superintendent at Kimball High School to start working with them, we have leaders working with Apollo High School to develop a machining program."

But school involvement are just the tip of the iceberg. Allison Waggoner is with DCI and says if you have the basic skills, they can train you.

"We have developed the DCI Training Institute and through that we have developed courses for employees on print reading, finishing, welding, so they understand how we do things."

Hansen and Waggoner agree the manufacturing industry has changed over the years and say if you want a career in today's tough economy, their doors are open.

"We've had a lot of retirements and we have a lot more going to retire in the near future," says Waggoner.

The Tour of Manufacturing begins Saturday and again on Saturday October 7th.

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