ST. CLOUD -- A stoneworking equipment manufacturer in St. Cloud is using old-fashioned family values to grow their company into the industry leader in North America.

Park Industries was started in 1953 as a stone company. Since then, it has morphed into a manufacturer of stone cutting tools. Today, Park Industries, located at 6301 Saukview Drive in St. Cloud employees more than 300 associates who design, build, sell, and provide customer training and support for their machines.

Park co-leader Mike Schlough says they have a family atmosphere that was started by his grandfather and carried on by his father. He says they're mission is built on trust, integrity and respect for both employees and customers.

Technology has also played a role in helping Park Industries grow...

The stone industry is growing because this is the preferred material in countertops in modest and high-end homes. This used to be only a luxury product, but as the technology has evolved it has become more affordable.

Park ships approximately 600 computerized saws, routers and stone splitters per year. Co-leader Joan Schatz says they are the trusted leader in the marketplace and that has the company growing...

There's very parts of Park Industries at this point in time that aren't in some sort of growth mode, because of all of the opportunities that we have currently.

Of course with growth comes job openings...

We have engineers...electrical, software and mechanical engineers. We've got machinists, welders, assembly people, installers, service techs, sales people, accountants, and purchasing. We really have positions from front to back. There's a wide array of career opportunities here at Park.

Park Industries will be a part of the "Tour of Manufacturing" Saturday. You'll be able to tour the plant for yourself, and learn more about career opportunities.


(Photo: Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)