KIMBALL -- January is learn to Ski and Snowboard month here in Minnesota. I ventured out to Powder Ridge in Kimball, to try my hand at snowboarding.

As one of the lead instructors at Powder Ridge, Kayle Luberts sees students of all kinds hitting the slopes. For those brand new to even the basics of snowboarding, he asks an interesting question about sliding across your kitchen floor.

"I always like to ask, if you're brand new... have you ever Tom Cruise slid across your kitchen?"

Luberts says that if your left foot is forward on the board, you're considered a "normal" rider. If your right food is forward, then you're considered a "goofy" rider.

Luberts also mentioned that the best part of working out at Powder Ridge, was the "homey feel" of the place. He said that from regular boarders to employees, everyone knows everyone. General Manager Jerry Wahlin shared the sentiment, when discussing the people he sees hitting the slopes.

"We see them as kids and then later on we see them bringing their kids out here, which is always kinda fun."

Powder Ridge also has snow-tubing along with skiing and snowboarding in winter.

Wahlin says they stay open all year, shifting focus in the summer to everything from wedding receptions, to the Insane Inflatables and Mud Man 5K runs.

Alex Svejkovski, WJON
Alex Svejkovski, WJON

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