ST. CLOUD -- As the holiday season is definitely here many of us are spending more on decorations, travel, food and of course presents. To pay for all of these goodies you might have decided to give your credit card a little workout.

Here in St. Cloud many of us have chosen to go the credit card route but we're not overdoing it. According to a recent study by the finance site, WalletHub, the Granite City is showing it's responsible with its credit card use.

More than 2,500 cities in the U.S. were included in the study and St. Cloud is ranked in the 14th percentile for sustainable credit card debt. The worst percentile is 99.

The site says the median credit card debt in St. Cloud is $1,812, it should take on average about 11 months to pay off and will cost $125 in interest to pay off the debt.

However, the total credit card debt doesn't include store credit cards only major credit cards.

Comparing St. Cloud to other Minnesota cities. In Minneapolis, the city is ranked in the 49th percentile with a median credit card debt of $2,391 per person. Meanwhile St. Paul is similar to Minneapolis with a median credit card debt of $2,327 per person.

At the beginning of the year nationally, Americans had over $1 trillion in credit card debt.

You can see the full study by following the link below.

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