The owner got back to me and Henry has been FOUND! The power of the media and social media I believe really can help. Whether or not this post actually did, I'm not fully sure, but it never hurts to help when you are able. Megan emailed me saying he had been brought to the Humane Society last night, but her number on the microchip wasn't correct. But low and behold, they did get a hold of her and all's well that ends well. Now Henry, be a good boy and don't let yourself out anymore.


Maybe because I'm a newer dog mom I got all the feels on this, but if my little guy escaped and went missing all of a sudden. I too would be getting word out there the best I could to try and find him as soon as possible. If you too are a pet owner you know how much you love them and they become a part of the family and life will never be the same without them.

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Which is why when I was on reddit and and I saw a post about a Husky that had escaped the safety of his home, my heart sank. What can one do to try and help find this cute puppy (can be the biggest dog in the world, I'm still calling it a puppy, just go with it)? Get word out there best I can of course!

Here's the post and picture of the husky that is currently missing.

The owner did write in the comments as well a few more details, sharing;

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Our husky opened up our garage service door by himself & took off into the woods around 6pm near tech high school in St. Cloud. Please let me know if seen & please share. We're not on any other social media to post.

Edit: He is microchipped.

If you aren't aware of the breed, they are very adventurous and can be quite the free spirit. My uncle had one when I was young and he lived a mile away from where we lived, with only fields between us. He got out often. Can't count the amount of times my mom would look out the window and see my uncle's husky trying to get into the rabbit pen, playing with our dog or eating from the dog dish.

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Praying this beautiful husky can be found and if you can help spread the word to help out another dog lover, please do!

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