ST. CLOUD -- Two men have been charged in the sexual assault of a woman at a St. Cloud park last month. Twenty-four-year-old Sahal Abdi Hassan and 21-year-old Abdirahin Omar Ali are each charged with 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct and aiding and abetting 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

St. Cloud Police were called on a report of a sexual assault that occurred in the early morning hours of October 18th. The woman said she had been drinking at a downtown St. Cloud bar and left through the front door.

Court records show the next thing she remembered was being in a car with five Somali men who were talking in their native language, drinking liquor, trying to kiss her, and threatening her.

The woman said they stopped at a park and a man later identified as Hassan brought her to a slide and raped her as the other men cheered him on. The woman said she was brought back to the car and forced to perform oral sex on a man later identified as Ali.

The victim was then dropped off at a location and sought help from a homeowner in the area and was brought to the hospital for a rape examination.

Court records show her pants were ripped, her underwear was partially off and wood chips from the park fell out of her pants.

DNA testing through the exam determined profiles matching Hassan and Ali.

One of the woman's shoes was later found at Haw's Park in St. Cloud.

Ali is also charged with raping a woman last December at a south St. Cloud apartment. That case is ongoing.

Hassan is also charged with two other incidents of driving a stolen vehicle and fleeing police.

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