ST. CLOUD - We're continuing our countdown of this year's top stories. Coming in at number 5 is the demolition of an iconic St. Cloud business.


The Division Street and 25th Avenue Dairy Queen opened its doors in 1949, but in June of 2012, it was announced that the classic, walk-up franchise would close in that location for good after Labor Day weekend.

The demolition of Dairy Queen was part of a plan to make way for the creation of a CVS Pharmacy store.

Dairy Queen owner Bob Lahr said the closure of the decades-old DQ wasn't the complete end of an era - the business would find new life in a bigger, more state of the art building with a drive-thru window nearby on the site of the former Mexican Village Too.

Lahr says the business won't be a Brazier, but it will be adding the Orange Julius line to the menu.

DQ served the last Dilly Bars and ice cream cones to long lines of well-wishers in August, and the building was completely gone by September 17th, inspiring many to share memories of years frequenting the store.

St. Cloud native Kari Sell spent many young years going to Dairy Queen with her family. She, like many others, has fond memories of the trips.

Sell says she'll definitely go to the new DQ, but she says she has a feeling it won't be the same.

Dairy Queen is still under construction and on track to reopen at the same time they do every year - late in February of 2013.

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